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About BlueList

BlueList was developed by BrightStreet Ventures, the technology arm of NewMark Merrill Companies, a shopping center developer with a 30+ year operating history and a 1500 tenant real estate portfolio.

The Company has partnered with a number of other shopping center owners, including Westwood Financial Corp., Combined Properties, Regency Centers and DSB Properties to maximize the breadth of neighborhoods that offer BlueList.

Why Did We Build Bluelist?

Thirty years in the business have taught us that the consumer rules, and the first place a consumer will look before they shop is now the smartphone.

Connecting to the mobile phone of consumers is why BlueList exists, and it’s why we believe all merchants need to be on the BlueList. You have to be on the mobile channel.

Our mission is to make it easy and affordable for any merchant or small business to post targeted, real-time offers to smartphone of nearby consumers.

Hundreds of Merchants are BlueListed

Merchants in the first market we’re launching in (San Fernando Valley) have signed up by the hundreds, and include all varieties of mom & pop, regional and national tenants.

Some of the most popular names in the retail business are already on board and the list of new merchants and rate of merchant growth has been impressive.

These merchants recognize the goodness in the way that BlueList re-thinks the way merchants promote their businesses and attract new customers via mobile.

The goodness of what BlueList has built is that it enables merchants to pursue upside leverage plays in (relatively) frictionless fashion.

Get BlueList – Give it a Try

So, do us a favor, please. Get BlueList. Check out the app yourself (iPhone | Android) and see all the familiar stores promoting their business daily on BlueList.

These are Merchants from dozens of categories, including restaurants, coffee & tea, drug stores, dry cleaners, hair, spa, fitness, entertainment, pet supplies, and medical/dental.

All are actively posting offers on BlueList. Get on BlueList, and let us know what you think.

The Bricks to Clicks Advantage

A final thought. BlueList is a bet on the idea that we have an unfair advantage in having so much physical real estate as a touch point.

Experience tells us that this type of integrated, systems-driven approach can grow into a real strategic advantage that can be leveraged over time.

Everything from the product that we’ve built to the platform that ties it together has been developed in a highly contemplative process over the past 18 months.

We talked to a lot of merchants. We talked to a bunch of consumers, and we iterated from a pretty specific set of capabilities that we’ve built, debugged and polished over time.

This has lead us to the product that you see before you, and for your entertainment value, we’ve included a gallery that shows our advertising.

In the meantime, Get BlueList, and let us know what you think.